International College, Thaksin University Thailand
Academic Programs/Admission
Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development (English Program) 2022
Doctor of Philosophy in Energy Engineering (English Program) 2022
Master Of Business Administration (English Program) 2022
Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development (English Program) 2022 กลับหน้าหลัก

This thesis-based Ph.D. program follows international practice, and thus differ from many programs of universities in Thailand that are offer based on coursework. In abiding by international standards, the resultant thesis exhibits it’s author’s understanding of the context of the work, its contribution to world knowledge and it’s cohesion as a sustained logical exposition. As such it offers wide international credibility, especially in the ASEAN Region. The program is considered appropriate for future academic positions as ASEAN’s university sector becomes more international in character.

What does the Ph.D. Program emphasize?

The Ph.D. Program covers all disciplines common to comprehensive universities. Within all disciplines, it follows the approach of Thaksin University’s motto that is “morality and wisdom precede development and consequently takes a sustainable development approach”. This applies to fine arts as much as to technology and as consequence contributes to the integrity of the region.

Disciplines covered include:

  • Social and Culture
  • Politics and Government 
  • Education
  • Economics and Management
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • Wellness and Public Health