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หัวข้อข่าว : Congratulation to our team CRAR

Congratulation to our team CRAR

               We had award in 3rd place in APEC YES Challenge 2020 .YES is Young Entrepreneurial Solution for green economy and inclusive society held by APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology.We consist of 5 Ph.D students from Thaksin University and Prince of Songkla University that is  Edy Kurniawan (Sustainable development, TSU).Wisarut Tukanghan (Biotechnology, TSU) .Supattra In-Chan (Biotechnology, TSU) .Nikannapas Usmanbaha (Energy Technology, PSU).Fidia Fibriana (Industrial Biotechnology, PSU). Mentor: Asst. Prof. Sompong  O-Thong ( Acting Deputy Deirector of International College)  with various research fields in sustainable development, biotechnology and energy technology.