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Philosophy/Vision and Mission/Values/Core Competency/Strategies กลับหน้าหลัก


Wisdom and Ethics guide sustainable community.


TSU Policy Objective for IC

To actively lead TSU ‘ s development in international standing, research and research training as a means of making it one of Thailand ‘ s Top 15 Universities.



A strong international and research reputation for TSU.



1. To provide research – informed education that is valued interantionallly.

2. To encourage faculty and department for research, innovation and international engagement.

3. To contribute in the sustainable development of southern Thailand and the region.

4. To engage local wisdom in the pursuit of knowledge.

5. To be model of management system anchored in sustainable practices.


International College Values

W            Wisdom

I              International

S             Sustainability

H             Harmony


Core Competency

The ability to manage international graduate education.



Strategy 1. Ed the Ph. D Sustainable Development across fields relevant to TSU and the region.

Strategy 2. Develop strong academic programs, training in regionally relevant subjects.

Strategy 3. Develop and accentuate international research collaborations, research and innovation activites for TSU faculty and researchers.

Strategy 4. Increase institutional collaborations between TSU and peer institutions globally.

Strategy 5. Adopt, implement and disseminate internationally recognized.