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Dr.Pranee Nutongkaew 
Ph.D. Sustainable Development ( Energy Technology ) ,2011 
Position: Technical Officer for EPC Scheme
Organization: Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization
(Public Organization)

Dr.Chana Chanchum
Ph.D. Sustainable Development  ( Energy Technology ),2011
Position: Reseacher
Organization: Resecher in Energy and Environment,
Faculty of scince,Thaksin University     

Asst.Prof Dr.Wasan Kanchanamukda  
Ph.D. Suatainable Development ( Management Accounting ),2012
Position: Vice president,Financial department and university council
Organization:Thaksin University

Dr.Supalak Sujatanond 
Ph.D. Sustainable Development ( Agriculture),2014
Position: Chief Excutive officer
Organization: Madam Bum"s Organic Farm



Dr. Hla Myat Moore 

Ph.D. Sustainable Deveolpment ,2012

Dr.John Espie Leake 

Ph.D.Sustainable Development,2012 

Dr.Paul Mackey Hughes 

Ph.D. Sustainable Deveolpment (Cross- Culture Management),2015