International College, Thaksin University Thailand
Academic Programs/Admission
Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development (English Program) 2022
Doctor of Philosophy in Energy Engineering (English Program) 2022
Master Of Business Administration (English Program) 2022
Master Of Business Administration (English Program) กลับหน้าหลัก

    International College, Thaksin University offers MBA Program in business management (English Program) as coursework to give the knowledge and expand the new perspectives of business management. At present, Thailand has entered into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), resulting in economic trade liberalization, having labor mobility and open more educational opportunities. Resulting in staff at all levels need to develop themselves into middle and high level executives. In order that the organization be able to compete in a highly competitive economic environment.    

          Due to the impact of the economic, social, and cultural situation, the best practice to deal with those factors is in MBA program in business management we offer. It is a potential and adaptable course in any directions and trends of the country’s economic and social development policy. As well as the direction of the business adaptation, to develop the ability to compete in the world trade stage and be able to produce high potential graduates that can develop themselves to get along with both academic and professional roles, and in order to be academicians, researchers, operators, officers, and corporate executives both in public and private sectors, with excellence management and social responsibility follows the philosophy of the Thaksin University that is Wisdom and Ethics guide sustainable society.