International College, Thaksin University Thailand
เริ่มแสดง :: 11 พ.ค.65 ถึงวันที่ 11 พ.ค.65
หัวข้อข่าว : Civil Sevice Retirement Party

Although it is the time we have to say goodbye, it also means that we shall meet again. We had Assoc. Prof. Kasem  Asawatreratanakul who was the acting director of the International College and the chairman's civil service retirement party.  We are all aware that is going to happen one day and it is today on 10th May 2022. For almost 38 years of hard working and admistation, he was the crucial one who improved almost every structures and motivated man powering at the same time to be the best version of themselves. Therefore, we do sincerely hope that he is going to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically.