International College, Thaksin University Thailand
IGP Committee
เริ่มแสดง :: 11 ต.ค.62 ถึงวันที่ 11 ต.ค.62
หัวข้อข่าว : IGP Committee Meeting 2/2019
                 On 24 september 2019, International college have the international graduate program meeting. The attendess in meeting that is Prof.Dr. Charan Jantalakhana, President of Thaksin University council. Prof.Emeritus.Lindsay Falvay,University of Melbourne.Prof.Yves Gagnon,University of Canada.Dr.Pakapun Skunman.Assoc.Prof.Kasem Asawatreratthanakul,Chairman of International graduate kanchanamukda,committee and secretary,and Dr.wallapa Choeibua kaew,Dean of graduate promgram. International College alao invite the internatiolnal supervisor and TSU supervisor  for Ph.D. candidates in sustaiable development to attend the meeting also.This meeting to discuss about the plan and management for International College.