International College, Thaksin University Thailand
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หัวข้อข่าว : Food Safety Manager workshop training program

International College Thaksin University will be the organizer in 14 provinces in the southern part of Thailand to bring the community in the south to the international level in the important matters including Basic Food Hygiene, Food Safety Manager, Service Provider: SP, GMP and HACCP etc.

Together with Southern Business Consultants Association by having 3 key speakers which are Dr. Narong Anantlertsakul, Dr. Charinee Keeratichoti, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Aniwat Kaewjomnong, to organize workshops for entrepreneurs in 14 provinces of the southern part of Thailand under the topic the development of instant coffee business, Deris coffee, quality coffee products from Phatthalung and entrepreneurs from Khuan Pom community, Phatthalung that need to develop the products to export products to foreign countries. So, they attend the workshop as to get GMP certification.